Lofnac Gel

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Brand Name

Lofnac Gel


Greenlife Pharma Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria.

Therapeutic Class

Topical antirheumatics and analgesics

Dosage Form, Composition & NAFDAC Registration Number (NRN)

Gel (NRN: 04-7092): Diclofenac diethylamine BP 1.16% w/w (equiv. to Diclofenac sodium 1% w/w), Methyl salicylate BP 10% w/w, Menthol BP 

5% w/w, Linseed oil BP 3% w/w, Gel base q.s.

Preservatives: Benzyl alcohol BP 1.00% w/w

Pack size: 10 g & 30 g tubes.



Lofnac gel is a brand of Diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. When used on intact skin, it relieves pain and stiffness and reduces swelling in conditions affecting joints and muscles e.g. sprains, strains, swelling after injuries, painful joints due to rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, backache, etc.

Linolenic acid, present in the Linseed oil is giving emollient effect.

Menthol, when applied to skin, it dilates the vessels, causing sensation of coldness followed by an analgesic effect. Menthol, relieves itching and is used in rheumatic pains.

Methyl salicylate is readily absorbed through skin and used for the relief of pain in lumbago, sciatica and rheumatic conditions.


Hypersensitivity (e.g. asthma attacks, skin reactions, acute rhinitis) to Acetylsalicylic acid or other nonsteroid anti-inflammatory agents, severe

disorders of liver function or haemopoietic disorders.



Adverse Effects

Dosage & Administration

Gently rub a small quantity of the gel on the intact skin, on or around the painful/swollen area, till the gel disappears.

Usually a blob equivalent to about 3 cm should suffice. The quantity however would vary depending on the size of the affected area. Do not cover the applied areas with a bandage, etc.

Apply 3-4 times a day or as directed by your doctor.

Do not apply the gel on cuts, open wounds or diseased skin area.

Be careful not to apply the gel on or near the eyes, nose, mouth, genital or anal areas. If the gel does come in contact with any of these areas rinse with plenty of clean water.

Obtain your doctor's consent before using the gel in case you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Storage/Handling Recommendations

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