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Therapeutic Class

Anti-infective/Corticosteroid combinations, Skin

Dosage Form, Composition & NAFDAC Registration Number (NRN)

Cream (NRN: A4-4618): Betamethasone Dipropionate USP Eq. to Betamethasone 0.10% w/w, Clotrimazole USP 1.0% w/w, Gentamycin Sulphate BP Eq. to Gentamycin 0.10 w/w, Cream Base q.s.


Pack Size: 15 gm & 20 gm


Bethametasone is a synthetic corticosteroid and is used to decrease inflammation in the skin. When applied to the skin it is absorbed into the skin cells. Here it works by preventing the release of certain chemicals from the cells.

Clotrimazole is antifungal medicine used to treat infections with fungi and yeasts. Clotrimazole kills fungal cell membranes. It works by stopping the fungi from producing a substance called ergosterol, which is an essential component of fungal cell membrances. The disruption in production of ergosterol causes of ergosterol causes hole to appear in the fungal cell membrane.

Gentamicin belongs to a class of antibiotic known as the aminoglycosides. Gentamicin is bactericide in action (kills bacteria). It does this by causing the bacteria to produce defective proteins which are essential for the growth.

What is it used for:
Dermatomycosis (Tinea, Tinea ciuris, Tinea corporis) caused by Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton floccosum icrosporum canis and superficial skin candidosis. Area of thickened itchy skin caused by rubbing and scratching (lichen simplex)

Inflammation of the skin
Inflammatory skin disease known as discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE)
Skin inflammation due to allergies or irritants (allergic or irritant dematilitis)

Streptococcal impetigo



Do not use DIGICLOGE if you have an allergy to:

any medicine containing Bethametasone clotrimazole gentamicin

any of the ingredients listed at the end of this leaflet (see Product description).

and other similar medicine, that is, topical corticosteroids, antibiotic, antimycotic drugs

Do not use DIGICLOGE in:

tuberculosis (TB) or syphilis

a virus such as chicken-pox or shingles

a skin reaction following a vaccination

Chronic inflammatory disorder of the facial skin (acne rosacea)

Itching around the back passage and genitals

Leg ulcers

Children less than 1 year of age

Do not use DIGICLOGE if you:

are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. a

re breast-feeding or plan to breastfeed.


This preparation is for external use only.

This medicine should be applied thinly and evenly to the affected area(s).

This medicine should not be used for longer than five days on the face

Use with caution in children


It is important to tell your doctor or pharmacist what medicine you are already taking, including those bought without a prescription and herbal medicines, before you start treatment with this medicine.

Similarly, check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any new medicine while taking this one, to ensure that the combination is safe. Especially pay attention to cancer chemotherapy agents, other topical medications, and vitamins.

Adverse Effects

Medicines and their possible side effects can affect individual people in different ways.

The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with this medicine. Because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all people using this medicine will experience that or any side effect.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist: if you notice any of the following and they worry you:

  • itching,
  • burning,
  • redness

The following list includes side effects that are rare:

Thinning of the skin

The appearance of fine blood

Vessels on the skin surface

Stretch marks


Infection of hair follicles

Excessive unwanted her growth

Redness and irritation around the

Mouth (perioral dermatitis)

Allergic skin reactions

The side effects listed above may not include all of the side effects reported by the drug’s manufacturer. For more information about any other possible risks associated with this medicine, please read the information provided with the medicine or consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Dosage & Administration

As directed by the physician

Storage/Handling Recommendations

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

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