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Therapeutic Class


Dosage Form, Composition & NAFDAC Registration Number (NRN)

Tablet (NRN: 04-5933): Albendazole 400 mg.

Pack size: 1's

Wormplan Tab 

Suspension (NRN: 04- ): Albendazole 200 mg per 5 mL

Pack size: 10 mL

Wormplan Susp


Wormplan selectively blocks the glucose uptake by adult helminthes in the intestine and their dwelling larvae. Inhibition of glucose uptake leads to endogenous depletion of glycogen stored within the parasite which in turn causes a decrease in the formation of adenosine triphosphate. By this mechanism, the drug slowly deplete energy levels of the susceptible parasites.


Absorption - Oral absorption is low

Absorption rate - very slow

Mean plasma peak concentration - 0.04-1.14 ug/mL

Elimination - via bile


Warmplan is indicated for the treatment of parasitic worm infections (single or mixed) due to:

  • Enterobius vermicularis – Pin worms
  • Trichuris trichuira – Whipworms
  • Ancylostoma duodenale –Hookworms
  • Ascaris lumbricoides – Large Roundworms
  • Necator americanus – Hookworms
  • Strongyloides stercoralis – Threadworms
  • Taenia spp – Tapeworms
  • Hymenolepis nana – Dwarftapeworm
  • Taenia solium – Neurocysticercosis
  • Echinococcus granulosus – Hydatid cysts


Wormplan is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to Albendazole.



Praziquantel: Efficacy of Wormplan enhanced

Cimetidine: Increases plasma concentration of Wormplan. Theoretical risk of interaction with the Theophylline, anticonvulsants, oral contraceptives and oral hypoglycemic agents.

Adverse Effects

Side effects of Wormplan include transient abdominal pain and diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, constipation, alopecia, bone marrow depression, etc.

Dosage & Administration

The dose of Wormplan for adults and children above 2 years is one tablet or 10 ml of suspension (400 mg) as a single dose in suspected or confirmed infestations with Pinworms, Whipworms, large Roundworms, Hookworms.

In case of suspected or confirmed cases of Threadworms, Tapeworms, or Dwarf Tapeworms, retreatment in 10-21 days is recommended.

Wormplan 400 mg twice daily for 3 consecutive days is effective in the treatment of patients with mixed worm infestation including infestation with Opisthorchis viverrini and Opisthorchis sinensis.

For Hydatid cysts: 10 mg/kg of body weight /day for weeks

For Neurocysticercosis: 400 mg twice a day for 30 days.

Use in Pregnancy:
Wormplan should be used with caution in pregnancy.

Nursing Mother:
Use in nursing mothers is safe.

Storage/Handling Recommendations

Should not be refrigerated. Keep in dark place.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Review Date

2015-05-27 09:21:52